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Hey! Welcome to the resources page! If you’re serious about building your authority on Instagram and creating a successful and profitable online business, then this page is for you! Here I’ve compiled a selection of the essential tools, software, books and training programs, which have been instrumental in my own success with Instagram and I’m excited to share them with you here. Enjoy!


Clickfunnels is an essential tool for anyone who is taking their online business seriously.

It provides the backbone for everything I do online. For me, Clickfunnels has multiple uses. From creating high quality landing pages (opt-in pages / squeeze pages – whichever terminology you prefer) allowing me to build my email database, sell products, deliver training and even host my membership site. And the best part – is all fully automated, so you really can set and forget!

Get a 14 day Free trial with Clickfunnels AND get a copy of my ready-made funnels here. These are the EXACT templates I use in my own business and have helped me generate 1000s of leads – all fully automated!

These are the EXACT templates I use in my own business and have helped me generate 1000s of leads – all fully automated!


Where Clickfunnels is the body of the operation (responsible for creating the high quality funnels and compelling pages), Convertkit is undoubtedly the brains of the operation.

Having tried and tested a number of email autoresponders, I can safely say ConvertKit is my absolute favourite! This allows you to run your full email marketing on auto-pilot. 

Excellent usability, powerful sequence and segmentation feature and an incredible support team – my favourite of all the software that I use!

Most importantly, ConvertKit has significantly higher delivery rates than the nearest competitors in this market – a clear favourite for ANY business who email their clients.

Too many videos? Lost your photos? Phone or computer memory full?

With Dropbox, you can store all your videos, images and any documents online and easily access them at any time.

Dropbox can be accessed from your computer or mobile device, meaning you can get your hands on your content and share it at will!

They offer a great FREE membership option to get your feet wet.

Worth a look for sure!


A super-useful tool which allows you to track and all your online marketing in one place.

If you’re just getting started it’s not something I’d put in the “essentials” list (I always champion action first!), however for the more advanced marketer, it’s incredible. Probably one of the most powerful tracking softwares on the web.

With automated split testing, advanced retargeting and compatibility with both Facebook and Google Analytics, it’s a great tool for tracking all those need-to-know numbers. 


Links to Follow.

If you’re just getting started it’s not something I’d put in the “essentials” list (I always champion action first!), however for the more advanced marketer, it’s incredible. Probably one of the most powerful tracking softwares on the web.

With automated split testing, advanced retargeting and compatibility with both Facebook and Google Analytics, it’s a great tool for tracking all those need-to-know numbers. 


How does 21,000 new Instagram followers in one month sound?

What if I told you it’s achievable (and so much more) for an account of any size! Pretty good huh?

After hours and hours (and hours) of testing, we can safely say the quickest and most effective way to grow your Instagram account right now is to collaborate with other Instagram accounts.

Executive Mafia is the EXACT engagement group we use to grow our Instagram following! And it’s no surprise we’ve had such remarkable results – with a reach of over 85Million Instagram followers within the ONE NETWORK alone, your follower count will grow and grow!

 Serious about becoming an authority in your niche with a HUGE tribe of engaged followers?


We’ve recently started collaborating with the team at PPNetwork. They’re getting some UNBELIEVEABLE results for their clients – including taking one account from 20K followers to 175K followers in just over 12 months – outstanding!

If this sounds like the kind of growth you’re looking for, head over and visit the PPNetwork team. Another of the Engagement groups we recommend. If you’re looking to collaborate with other Influencers and get your content in front of more people, this is for you! Great for those in the personal development space and travel too. 


“Forget about Instagram” is the tagline for this tool – and I love it!

Are you spending too long posting each day on Instagram? And let me guess… every time you drop on to Instagram to upload a photo (or video), you lose at least another 10minutes each time looking at other people’s photos and videos?!


Sked Social is the ORIGINAL scheduling software for Instagram and claims it helps avoid all the distractions of posting day-to-day on Instagram, that it can save you up to 5 hours extra per week! 


With the functionality to schedule posts, the first comment and even Instagram stories, this is the one-stop shop and everything you need! If you’re serious about using Instagram for business, SkedSocial is essential.


This book – Dotcom Secrets – was the first book I ever read when I first got started in the world of online marketing after recommendation from my mentor Paul.

I couldn’t put this more simply than to say, this book gives all of the fundamentals you need to build a successful online business. You could take everything in this book and build an entire business from it – a million dollar business. Amazing book. 

To give an idea of how valuable Dotcom Secrets is, whenever I’m at an event with the team – or at a team meeting – at least two of us (usually more) have a copy in our bag. It’s the bible and I carry it pretty much everywhere. That’s how good it is. 

Oh, and the best thing? You can get Dotcom Secrets completely for FREE

A follow up to Russell Brunson’s first book Dotcom Secrets and – believe it or not – just as valuable. 

Where his first book is more about the power of funnels and increasing the profit margins from every customer, Expert Secrets is the recommendation if you’re ready to start running webinars.


Intended for those who want to package their knowledge and expertise into products that can be sold to a global audience, Expert Secrets is invaluable for finding your (super)niche and building your tribe.

Oh, and another thing, the level of detail in here when creating your webinar (even from scratch) is mind-blowing! 

When I first started running webinars, this book was never out of arm’s reach. Expert Secrets literally covers everything step-by-step – from the title of your webinar, to creating your offer and delivering the training. It even tells you how to fill your webinar and run the whole follow up!!! 

Seriously, if you’re running webinars and HAVEN’T got this book, you could be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars!

And the best news (you know what’s coming) the book – the same as Dotcom Secrets – is completely free

Give Your Children The Financial Education They DON’T Receive At Regular School! “I Need Money” is designed to help 11-17 year olds be financially literate and understand handling money before they leave school.

Written by Paul O’Mahony QFA and Chris Farrell, I Need Money is THE book to place in the hands of any child or teenager, giving them the tools and financial smarts so they never have to worry about not having enough money for the rest of their lives.

A far cry from the types of books we were using when I was in teaching in the classroom, but given the time again, I’d place this into the hands of every child I taught. One day, I intend to do just that.


Training Programs

If you’re generating leads for your business or want to have a more in-depth understanding of how to building funnels that convert, then you might consider the Clickfunnels “One Funnel Away” Challenge. The 30 Day Challenge gives the perfect blend of technical nouse, accountability and support at every step of the way, so you have everything you need to build a high-converting and profitable funnel.


Join the upcoming Clickfunnels On Funnel Away Challenge through this link and receive my EXCLUSIVE BONUS Package worth $997! Simply click this link, join the Challenge and send me a copy of your confirmation.

This was my first introduction to online business and a training I’d recommend to ANYONE who wants to understand more about how to follow a proven system and build a successful online business. 

Paul O’Mahony is an Amazon best-selling author, World Record Holder and founder of RETHINK Social Media. Paul teaches business owners and entrepreneurs what is working now in the world of online marketing.

For a limited time only, get immediate access to the latest FREE 90minute training on how you can leverage Social Media for your business and generate a constant stream of leads and customers for your online business. 


April 2018 saw one of the biggest shifts in how client data is received, managed and utilised online. GDPR brought in further privacy regulations intended to protect consumers and users online. 

 Many businesses had to undergo a HUGE transformation in how they were conducting business and handling client data. Not the sexiest topic – admittedly, but with fines for breach of regulations reaching into the MILLIONS, you can see why it’s paramount to be up-to-date with the GDPR regulations and ensure everything is above board – if for nothing else to give you peace of mind when you sleep at night!!

 Check out this training with two of the top London-based GDPR lawyers.   


Attending the Breakthrough Experience in Dublin, summer of 2019 with Dr John Demartini has been undoubtedly one of the highlights of my journey so far. Dr Demartini’s Flagship program is described the most powerful life-solutions seminar on the planet. From what I’ve seen, I’d have to agree. The Breakthrough Experience his signature program, is a practical application to solve issues, balance emotions and expand your life and fulfilment.  

It’s perhaps not what you’d expect to find on most marketing & business websites…but for me, this has been instrumental in my success, self-awareness and business direction.

If you can only do one training on this site (apart from my own – of course!) then it’s this one. It’ll change your life.


John Assaraf is a New York Times best selling author and founder of his trademark program the Brain-a-thon. In this FREE online training, John promises to introduce some of the latest cutting-edge, evidence-based methodologies, tools and technologies to re-train your brain and shatter your limiting beliefs. 


It’s jam-packed with incredible content, actionable steps and opportunities for further support for those who want it. Highly recommended!



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