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I'm Jake Davey

I empower inspired, driven and highly ambitious people to build a Magnetic Brand using Instagram! With a passion for education and a freedom lifestyle at the heart of everything I do, let me tell you a little bit more about how I can help you achieve your goals

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About Jake Davey

The flying teacher


InstaGalactic is my Flagship program showing people how to explode their brand on Instagram so they can impact on a global scale. The online training program has created a long list of remarkable success stories including:

  • James, who generated a 10,000% return on his investment with
  • Fiona, who 11x the number of clients in her fitness business
  • Abi, who went from zero to 12,000 Instagram followers and now
    has a modelling contract as a result!
  • Sooz, who landed two clients in just 5 days after opening her
    Instagram account
  • Lucy, who receives daily requests about influencer opportunities;
    from travel, to make up, to beachwear and hotel stays – all so
    she can share the journey with her 14,000 die-hard fans on

So if you’re looking for a proven system which takes you step-by-step program how to launch your brand and build your audience on Instagram, InstaGalactic is for you!



The Influence podcast is specifically designed for those who are looking to inspire more people, have a positive impact on a global scale, build an Influential and Magnetic brand and build a profitable business with their unique gifts and talents.


On INfluence, I share actionable advice, tips, and tricks that are working right now on Instagram, while guest interviews uncover how top brands, experts and influencers are leveraging Instagram for great business and personal success.


This podcast gives you the opportunity to learn from influencers, industry leaders and personal brands like Paul O’Mahony, Bob Doyle, Alex Roseman, Cam Jarrad, Emma Campbell and many more… for free!



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The past 4 years as an entrepreneur has gifted me so many incredible opportunities to teach Instagram Growth & Monetisation strategies to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners in the UK, South Africa, Asia and across Europe.


I have a strong grounding in education, graduating with a Masters in Educational Leadership from Warwick University. This enabled me to be an instrumental figure in the classroom and as part of a team – where my previous school was acknowledged as “The Most Improved School ever in the UK”, earning 2 TES School’s National winner awards. In my final year in the classroom, I was delighted to receive my 5th consecutive Outstanding OFSTED rating.


Now with a specialty on Instagram, I can deliver your Instagram training needs. Whether delivering from stage to over 3000 people, to personalized small group training and 1:1 coaching sessions, I can help you achieve your business or personal goals, build your brand and share your message with the world.



Every day I feel extremely grateful to be able to combine two of my greatest passions in life; teaching and traveling. In my 8 years as a secondary teacher, I taught in schools across the world – from the UK, India, and Australia to the length of Europe, from Spain to Estonia.


Through my own experiences growing up, working in inner city schools with the Teach First program and partaking in teacher placements and exchanges across a variety of different cultures and countries around the world, I have seen first hand that not everyone in our world has the same opportunities many of us have been gifted.


In the coming years I’ve committed to build and open a school which teaches beyond the standard curriculum. The education centre will provide an environment where everyone can succeed; in personal growth, entrepreneurship and financial smarts – and make this education available to those in the poorest countries and most hard-to-reach communities around the world.

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RETHINK Academy, aspires to impact 1 Billion lives in the areas of health, wealth and happiness. Through empowering ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things, there are proven systems in place to help so many build and develop themselves.


The company was founded by my mentor and close personal friend Paul O’Mahony, and started over 10 years ago by showing entrepreneurs and business owners how to use Social Media to create more personal and business income.


I have the privilege of supporting as a Lead Speaker, success coach and mentor to the tens of thousands of clients who the company impacts on an annual basis.

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Give Your Children The Financial Education They DON’T Receive At Regular School! FUNancial Freedom is designed to help 11-17 year olds be financially literate and understand handling money before they leave school.


Written by Paul O’Mahony QFA and Chris Farrell, FUNancial Freedom is the education to share with any child or teenager, giving them the tools and financial smarts so they never have to worry about not having enough money for the rest of their lives.

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When you grow your brand with Instagram and are ready to start monetising, Clickfunnels is the number 1 recommendation I have to get started.


Pretty much all of my income streams from Instagram go through Clickfunnels in one form or another.


To help you get started monetising your audience, you can get access to the exact pages I use in my own business to generate an income with Instagram, helping me generate 1000s of leads – all on full automation!


Clickfunnels has a 14 day Free trial, so why not take a look? It could be the game-changer in your business!

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